About Vishnu Sivadas


5 Years of experience with Android and Web Development and also with Digital marketing. Got knowledge on all kinds Web and Android Development languages.

2014 - Present


Have been a blogger for 5 years. I do have more than 9 blogs and only 5 of them are active now.

2014 - Present


2016 - Present


Working as a Freelancer and you can contact me at [email protected]

About Me

A 19 year old boy with skills, walking towards a better feature. My dreams may be Impossible for you, but I have to achieve it “Because they are my Dreams”
I could and I would say that I am an Expert Programmer and I could achieve anything by coding.


Currently I am pursuing my BCA degree. Have got certified on many programming languages.

Current Interests

Android and Web Development

2013 - 2014 | Started Coding

From the age of 13


I was Born on 21th of December


Android Development 91%
Web Development 97%
UI Designing 83%
Digital Marketing 99%
Coding 91%